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.NET interview questions: - How can we improve performance of .NET/ASP.NET/SQL Server?

This question is asked especially senior candidates and sometimes to juniors also. You can have various other forms like

  • How can we improve performance of ASP.NET,
  • How can we improve performance of SQL Server etc. 

Remember 5 best points of each category. You can pick your favorite ones. But whatever you pick should be commonly used by everyone.

Below are some common points you can remember. List is endless but I do not want to make it long, so that you can remember important ones.

  • Use string builder for concatenation rather than string when concatenation huge string values.
  • Avoid boxing/unboxing, use generics.
  • Avoid writing in line SQL queries use stored procedures.
  • Choose your indexes (clustered and non-clustered) properly.
  • Use Caching for data which will not change frequently.
  • In ASP.NET use output cache directive for page level caching.

Also see our .NET interview questions video on increase performance by ordering the IF condition: -

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Shivprasad koirala Koirala
I am a Microsoft MVP for ASP/ASP.NET and currently a CEO of a small E-learning company in India. We are very much active in making training videos , writing books and corporate trainings. Do visit my site for .NET, C# , design pattern , WCF , Silverlight , LINQ , ASP.NET , ADO.NET , Sharepoint , UML , SQL Server training and Interview questions and answers
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