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.NET interview questions: - What steps will you take to test application performance?

Scenario based .NET interview questions is mostly asked by the interviewer. Here we have put one scenario which was asked during an interview.

Suppose that we have a website which is already developed and we are about to go live onto server. After installation we realized that application performance is not up to the mark then what will you do?

Step 1: - First I will confirm whether HTTP Compression is enabled or not in IIS. If not I will enable it.

Step 2: - With the help of some tools like CLR profiler I will make sure that objects are properly releasing from memory once it become unusable.

Step 3: - If that wont worked out I will move to indexes in SQL. I will check whether I indexes are properly created or nothing.

Step 4: - If that won’t help out I will get into application source code and check for static variables and try to minimize it. I will also try to find the session management techniques and session variables and try to minimize it as well.

Step 5: - Finally if nothing of above worked out I will get into root of the code and try optimizing logic. Example replace string with stringbuilder, Remove unnecessary iteration loops etc.

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