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.NET interview questions: - What is an IL code? Why IL code is not fully compiled? Is it possible to view the IL code?

It is a CPU independent partially compiled code. Partial/half compiled means this code is not yet compiled to machine/CPU specific instructions.

IL code compilation:

We do not know in what kind of environment.NET code will run. In other words we do not know what can be the end operating system, CPU configuration, machine configuration, security configuration etc. So the IL code is half compiled and on runtime this code is compiled to machine specific using the environmental properties (CPU, OS, machine configuration etc).

Viewing IL code:

Yes by using ILDASM simple tool we can view a IL code of a DLL or EXE. In order to view IL code using ILDASM, go to visual studio command prompt and run “ILDASM.EXE”. Once ILDASM is running you view the IL code.

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