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5 important SSIS, SSRS and SSAS(MSBI) interview questions

Explain Web service task in SSIS?

Web Service task let us execute web services.
  • First we configure HTTP Connection manager which will point to WSDL of a web service. 
  • Web service task uses this HTTP Connection manager and let us invoke methods in it.
  • Return values of method value we can store it in some variables and can use as input for some other tasks.

Can you explain transfer SQL Server object task?

It allows us to transfer different SQL server objects between different instances of SQL Server.
Object means table, stored procedures, user defined functions etc.

In SSIS is it possible to communicate with MSMQ?

Yes, for that we have Message Queue task. It let us send messages to MSMQ and receive message from MSMQ.

What’s the advantage of using MSMQ?

MSMQ let two applications communicate with each other asynchronously. Specialty is two application may be built using different technology and it works even offline messaging. Sender will store messages inside queue and reader reads it wherever required. 

Say something about mail sending and executing custom logic in SSIS?

For sending mail we have send mail tasks.  First we configure the task for SMTP and other settings and then send mail.

On the other hand SSIS have a task called Script task which will let us write custom C# or code and opens many doors for us.

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