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QuestPond: Interview Questions and Answers on learning .NET

What is nested Classes?

Nested classes are classes within classes.

If you create the child class object which constructor will fire first?

public class class1
public  class1(){}

public class class2 : class1
public  class2(){}

Parent class constructor will fire first.

In what instances you will declare a constructor to be private?

When we create a private constructor, we cannot create object of the class.  Private constructors are used when we want only a single instance of the class to be created and externally no one can use the ‘new’ keyword to create the object.

Can we have different access modifiers on get/set methods of a property?

Yes, we can have different access modifiers. The below code will compile perfectly well.

public string CustName
        return _Custname;
    protected set
Custname = value;

See following video on which constructor fires first in parent-child relationship: -

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