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QuestPond’s Interview Questions & Answers on (SSIS, SSAS and SSRS)MSBI

What is perspective in SSAS?

Small note for people who are beginner to (SSIS, SSAS and SSRS)MSBI just refer to basics and then proceed further.

Let’s have a small conversation example,

Teacher: Peter, Take the map placed in the corner of the room and find Mumbai in it.

map 1

Peter: Mam it’s too difficult. Its world map and so many cities are there in the map. It will take too much of time.happy

Teacher: Ok then, what do you think? What will make things easy?

Peter: let me search it in the smaller section, may be in a country map. Can u tell me in which country Mumbai exists?

Teacher: It’s India.

Peter: Ok, then I will get into India Map.

map 2

Teacher: Is it easy now?

Peter: Yes I found India now but still it’s not easy for some people it may be very difficult.

Teacher: I believe you should try with State Map once, take Maharashtra map.

Student: Ok.

map 3

Teacher: How is it now?

Peter: it’s quite easy now finding necessary information become easy when we have less data.

Moral of the story

It’s easy for us to find the appropriate information from a collection of data when collection is small. In above example, a particular city was important. As the quantities in the map start reducing view of the important information start improving and it became easy to find it.

How it is linked to SSAS?

SSAS is all about creating cube. A multi-dimension data store containing a group of Dimensions and Fact tables.

When it comes to end user, everyone is not interested in every dimension and every fact table. Example:

1. Customer Relation manager will be interested in Customer information’s such as,

         a. From where customer is?
         b. What is average age of people purchasing a particular product?
         c. Customer’s sales information etc.

2. Product Manager will be interested in information related to Product such as,

         a. What was the production cost of a particular product?
         b. What was sell cost and margin?
         c. Maximum number of product sold etc.

Exposing complete cube to an end user will not be a good idea because, when he get too many data he will get distracted and get confused.

Multiple cubes

Exposing multiple cubes will not be a good idea because that will make developers life a hell.

  • Developer has to implement same security features in both the cubes manually.
  • He has to implement partition and aggregation logic in both the cubes etc.

The best solution will be creating single cube and exposing multiples views of cube, each showing different information but sharing all the other features like security, partition and aggregation setting etc.

That were Prospective comes to picture. It let us create multiple views of the cube.
While creating prospective we will decide what all dimensions and Fact tables need to be included.
While end user connecting to the cube, he/she will specify which prospective he wants to use.

Note: It’s not a security it’s just a view.

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